This is defenders.' website.  Yes.  It is on the internet.  We know... cutting edge.

New songs.....

We are releasing new material with our friends in Red Valley Nursery!  We did a split EP that will be released digitally everywhere soon.  We're going to be releasing 2 new tracks on it - Blood and False Flags.  Give it a listen.  Buy it. Steal it. Stream it.  Burn it.  


- defenders.


Great show last nite. We didn't play our best, but love sharing the stage with our brothers in Red Valley Nursery. Enemy Planes from Minneapolis was great as well. Up next is Mum's on 10/29. Come out. We are gonna release Crisis Averted at that show. 




We are ready. Great rehearsal this eve. Hitting our stride. New material is dope. Happy to be bringing it Friday to North Ave at Joe Squared. Much of our lyrics are talking to what our city - that neighborhood has been thru in the last year.  "What of this life we lead...? Is it all for Naught?" 


See you Friday.  



Say it!

Yes... It's done.  Say It With a Structure Fire!  We wrote, recorded, mixed , mastered and produced a pretty awesome video... All within a month.  We're hard at work our our next EP - "Crisis Averted" and it will come out soon.  Check out the video for SIWASF:



Recording again.....

So... We got a chance to go in and record a track with our friend Alex Champagne at The Music Space. It's a fun and good sounding room to track in. We recorded a tune called "Say It With A Structure Fire" that we wrote in the last 2 weeks. K and S had laid a cool groove down during tracking of our new record and it turned into this monstrosity. We tracked the bulk of it live. Good F'n times.  

Powered by grit and determination....