This is defenders.' website.  Yes.  It is on the internet.  We know... cutting edge.


Damn... it's been a while.  Too long probably... but, we're still alive.  We busted our hindquarterses to make a new record. 

We recorded it with help from our friend Alex Champagne.  He enjoyed the experience so much that he went home and made a baby.  True story.

Then, we went and mixed it with one of our musical heroes - J. Robbins.  No..... not that big guy that does self-help and motivational speaking stuff... the other Robbins.  The guy from Burning Airlines and Jawbox.  He's not quite as large as the other guy I mentioned... but, he's certainly handsomer and wayyy cooler to hang out with making records.

The record is called "The Dissonance Channel".  We're really excited about it.  No... I'm not being sarcastic... we really are.  It will be out sometime soon on Rathawk Recordings.  

Stay tuned for more..... soon.

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