This is defenders.' website.  Yes.  It is on the internet.  We know... cutting edge.


Moving at the speed of light is not always possible... in fact, humans can't. So - that's a dumb analogy anyway.  What is possible is making progress and producing art you believe in.  That's also fulfilling and fun.  Oh.. yeah... We are making progress.  Mixtape Volume 1 is almost done.  We're finalizing the mastering now.  We're proud of this record and excited to release it to the world.  

It's like having a baby we suppose... but that may also be a dumb analogy since we're all male (as far as I know) - and men can't have babies.  Unless you believe the National Enquirer... then, maybe they can.  Either way... we're going to push this record out of our collective vagina and into the world this month.  We'll be celebrating it at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore with some of our favorite bands - Rezin, FaceKiller and Lushfarm.  We also get to say farewell to our friend, cohort and fellow weirdo Jeff as he prepares to head west to take up residence in Los Angeles, CA.  

We encourage you to check back frequently for new stuff.  Check out the 'hear' section of this site.  You can start poisoning your thoughts with the easy-listening deep cuts we'll be bringing to you this year and beyond.  

And remember.... Santa Claus is watching, so be nice to your neighbors.

Powered by grit and determination....